Spring Health Check


Dear John,

Spring seems to be finally on its way and I like to keep on top of my house maintenance but as I am getting on in life my “things to do list” takes me a little longer and I need to start early. What should I be looking for and what maintenance work should I be carrying out at this time of year.

Kind regards

Victor (Orbeta)

Hello Victor,

The varying temperatures of the Spanish weather can play havoc with the exterior of your home but with spring in the air, now is the ideal time to give your property an annual health check and plan any essential maintenance work.
As I am sure you realise, maintaining and improving your home is well worth the investment and will always make it more marketable if you wish to sell. Most of the work can be undertaken by competent DIY enthusiasts but some specialist work, such as roofing, should be left to professional builders.

To help you keep your home in good shape, here are a few tips for your spring home health check:

  1. Check the roof for any missing or damaged tiles or cracks in the render around the eaves or verges. Remember, you are responsible if something from your property, for example a falling roof tile, causes damage or injury to passers-by.
  2. Check any guttering you may have for damage and clear away any blockages that may have accumulated over the winter months.
  3. Check the external walls for loose or missing render and replace before moisture seeps in, also be on the lookout for any cracks in the walls that have developed, this may be an early sign of movement.
  4. Check external paintwork on walls and especially on wooden joists, doors or window frames and make a painting plan of action for the drier summer months - repair or replace any damaged frames.
  5. Check naya ceilings for any cracking in the render between the roof joists, this is usually the time of year when this render becomes loose and falls off.
  6. As the weather gets warmer, remember to adjust your central heating to a summer setting to save energy, this is also a good time to bleed your radiators to get rid of air pockets.
  7. Clean algae from paths and patios, re point joints where required.
  8. Finally, it’s worth checking your home security. You should have good locks on all doors and windows - check that they are still in working order.


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