Roof Insulation

ROOF INSULATION - Two words that are rarely used together here in Spain - but why is this?

Could it be that as we now live in Spain we think we do not need it?
Spain is commonly referred to as a cold country which has the sun and with this type of climate it can be soon realised that a well insulated home will not only keep the heat in the winter months but also the heat out in the summer months. As another hot summer approaches, you may be thinking that the winter was not that bad and who needs roof insulation anyway but think back, was your home a warm and comfortable sanctuary in the cold winter and how much oil, gas or electricity did you use. Insulating your roof could be one of the most cost affective things you do, unlike in Britain where you only take into account your winter energy savings, your Spanish home will additionally reward your pocket in the summer months, as there will be less heat gain and your expensive air conditioning will not be required as often.

The majority of heat lost or gained is through the roof but unlike British houses it is not easy to insulate the roof void and it would not be the best place to put the insulation anyway. Firstly an inspection access point would need to be provided, secondly roof voids in a traditional Spanish home are many and usually restricted in height and thirdly your heating system would need not only to heat the room but also the thick concrete ceiling before being checked by the insulation. The simplest way to insulate your roof is from below the ceiling by adding 4cm. of polystyrene under boarded with plaster board and skim. By adding the insulation to the underside of the ceiling you will achieve immediate results, your heating system will not need to heat the entire concrete ceiling structure before you feel the benefit in the room, visa versa your room will feel far cooler in summer as the heat generated by the sun will not only need to travel through the roofs outer structure, the roof void and the concrete ceiling structure but also the through the insulation and the plaster board. What better time to insulate your roof whilst insulation prices are at their lowest and before the onset of the hot summer.

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